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One woman's journey to inspire everyBODY

Year: 2016

Duration: 90 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Classification: 12A

Producer: Anna Vincent, Taryn Brumfitt

Director: Taryn Brumfitt

When body image activist Taryn Brumfitt posted an unconventional before-and-after photograph in 2013, it was seen by more than 100 million worldwide and sparked an international media frenzy. In her forceful debut, Brumfitt continues her crusade exploring the global issue of body loathing. She travels the world to interview an impressive range of women about their attitudes to their bodies, including: Mia Freedman, the youngest ever editor of the Australian edition of Cosmopolitan; Harnaam Kaur: the bearded dame; Nora Tschirner; Professor Marika Tiggemann; UK talk show host/photographer Amanda de Cadenet; body image blogger Jess Baker (a.k.a. The Militant Baker); and motivational speaker Turia Pitt.

Classification: 12A infrequent strong language, nudity, brief surgical detail

Past events for this film:


  • HollowayWednesday Mar 0806:45pmODEON Holloway
  • HollowayThursday Nov 3008:00pmODEON Holloway
  • LondonSaturday May 0604:00pmODEON South Woodford
  • LondonWednesday Jan 1806:30pmODEON Panton Street LONDON
  • LondonWednesday Mar 0806:45pmODEON Cinema Swiss Cottage
  • LondonTuesday May 2306:30pmODEON Panton Street LONDON
  • LondonMonday Feb 2706:30pmODEON South Woodford
  • LondonMonday Jan 1608:00pmODEON Cinema Swiss Cottage
  • LondonFriday Jun 3006:30pmODEON Lee Valley
  • LondonWednesday Sep 0406:30pmOdeon Putney
  • LondonMonday Feb 0606:30pmODEON Cinema Swiss Cottage
  • London Monday Jan 1606:30pmOdeon Covent Garden
  • WimbledonWednesday Jan 1806:30pmODEON Wimbledon
  • WimbledonTuesday Apr 2408:00pmODEON Wimbledon


  • EllonSaturday Jan 2107:30pmThe Victoria Hall


  • Dunoon Tuesday Nov 0707:45pmWest Coast Cinema


  • KilmarnockMonday Feb 2706:30pmODEON Kilmarnock


  • BracknellWednesday Jan 1806:30pmOdeon Bracknell
  • BracknellTuesday Sep 1906:30pmOdeon Bracknell
  • BracknellWednesday Mar 0806:45pmOdeon Bracknell
  • MaidenheadMonday Feb 0606:30pmODEON Maidenhead
  • MaidenheadMonday Feb 2006:30pmODEON Maidenhead
  • MaidenheadWednesday Apr 2606:45pmODEON Maidenhead


  • AylesburyMonday Feb 0606:30pmODEON Aylesbury
  • Milton KeynesTuesday Jan 1706:15pmODEON Milton Keynes Stadium
  • UxbridgeWednesday Jan 1806:30pmOdeon Uxbridge the Chimes


  • CambridgeWednesday Mar 0806:30pmThe Light Cambridge


  • Alderley Edge Thursday Jun 2908:00pmThe Yard (Alderley Edge)

City Of Belfast

  • BelfastWednesday Mar 0106:30pmOdeon Belfast

City Of Bristol

  • BristolThursday Apr 2706:45pmOdeon Bristol
  • BristolThursday Feb 2306:45pmOdeon Bristol
  • BristolWednesday Mar 0806:45pmOdeon Bristol
  • BristolWednesday Jan 1806:30pmOdeon Bristol

City Of Dundee

  • DundeeWednesday Mar 0806:45pmODEON Dundee

City Of Edinburgh

  • Edinburgh Wednesday May 0306:30pmOdeon Edinburgh Lothian Road
  • Edinburgh Tuesday Jul 0406:30pmOdeon Edinburgh Lothian Road
  • Edinburgh Wednesday Feb 1506:30pmOdeon Edinburgh Lothian Road
  • NewcraighallFriday Jan 2006:20pmOdeon Edinburgh Fort Kinnaird

City Of Glasgow

  • GlasgowSaturday Jan 2103:00pmODEON Glasgow Springfield Quay

City Of London

  • LondonTuesday Jul 0406:30pmOdeon Greenwich
  • LondonSaturday Jan 2803:00pmOdeon Greenwich
  • LondonMonday Oct 3008:30pmODEON Whiteleys - London
  • LondonWednesday Jan 1806:30pmOdeon Greenwich
  • London Tuesday May 2306:30pmOdeon Streatham
  • London Wednesday Jan 1806:30pmOdeon Streatham
  • London Sunday Nov 0502:00pmOdeon Streatham


  • FalmouthSaturday Feb 2503:00pmMerlin Cinemas Phoenix Falmouth
  • NewquayWednesday Mar 0806:15pmLighthouse Cinema Newquay
  • RedruthWednesday Mar 0806:30pmRegal Cinema Redruth
  • TruroWednesday Mar 0808:00pmPlaza Cinema, Truro


  • PenrithThursday Jun 0108:15pmLonsdale Alhambra Penrith
  • PenrithThursday Jun 2908:15pmLonsdale Alhambra Penrith


  • DerbyWednesday Mar 0806:30pmODEON Derby


  • ExeterSaturday Jul 1507:30pmWhimple Village Hall
  • ExeterTuesday Mar 0706:30pmODEON Exeter
  • ExeterMonday May 0806:20pmODEON Exeter
  • ExeterTuesday Jan 2406:00pmODEON Exeter
  • OkehamptonWednesday Feb 1506:30pmNew Carlton Cinema - Okehampton
  • PlymouthTuesday Mar 0706:45pmReel Cinemas Plymouth


  • BournemouthMonday Apr 1006:45pmODEON Cinema Bournemouth BH2
  • DorchesterWednesday Mar 0806:20pmODEON Dorchester
  • DorchesterSunday Feb 2603:00pmODEON Dorchester
  • Lyme Regis Thursday Mar 0908:00pmMarine Theatre - Lyme Regis

East Sussex

  • BrightonWednesday Jan 1806:30pmOdeon Brighton
  • BrightonTuesday Feb 0706:30pmOdeon Brighton
  • BrightonSunday Mar 0503:00pmOdeon Brighton


  • ChelmsfordWednesday Apr 1906:45pmOdeon Chelmsford
  • ChelmsfordThursday Feb 2306:30pmOdeon Chelmsford
  • ColchesterWednesday Mar 0806:45pmOdeon Colchester
  • Southend-on-SeaWednesday Mar 0806:45pmOdeon Southend


  • DunfermlineWednesday Mar 0806:45pmODEON Dunfermline


  • MoldWednesday Jun 2807:30pmTheatr Clwyd


  • CardiffThursday Mar 0906:45pmOdeon Cardiff
  • CardiffMonday Jan 2306:30pmOdeon Cardiff


  • CheltenhamThursday Mar 1607:00pmThe Bacon Theatre - Cheltenham
  • CheltenhamTuesday May 0907:30pmThe Bacon Theatre - Cheltenham

Greater Manchester

  • ManchesterTuesday Aug 1506:30pmThe Wonder Inn
  • Manchester Monday Sep 0407:00pmODEON Trafford Centre
  • Manchester Tuesday Apr 1106:45pmODEON Manchester Great Northern
  • Manchester Monday Feb 2006:30pmODEON Manchester Great Northern
  • Manchester Thursday Apr 1908:00pmODEON Trafford Centre
  • Manchester Wednesday Jan 1806:20pmODEON Manchester Great Northern


  • AndoverThursday Mar 2306:30pmODEON Andover
  • Basingstoke Saturday Feb 2503:00pmODEON Basingstoke Leisure
  • Basingstoke Wednesday Apr 0506:45pmODEON Basingstoke Leisure
  • SouthamptonMonday Apr 2408:00pmOdeon Southampton
  • SouthamptonWednesday Jan 1806:30pmOdeon Southampton
  • SouthamptonWednesday Mar 0806:45pmOdeon Southampton
  • SouthamptonWednesday Jul 1908:30pmOdeon Southampton


  • HatfieldTuesday Jan 1706:30pmOdeon Hatfield


  • GreenockWednesday May 2407:45pmWaterfront Cinema
  • Inverness Sunday May 2105:00pmEden Court Theatre


  • ChathamWednesday Mar 0806:45pmOdeon Chatham
  • ChathamWednesday Jan 1806:30pmOdeon Chatham
  • Royal Tunbridge Wells Tuesday Jul 0408:15pmOdeon Tunbridge Wells


  • Lytham St AnnesTuesday Dec 0507:00pmThe Island Cinema


  • LeicesterWednesday Jan 1806:30pmODEON Leicester Freemens Park


  • LincolnThursday Feb 2306:30pmOdeon Lincoln Wharf


  • LiverpoolWednesday Jan 1806:30pmOdeon Liverpool One
  • LiverpoolWednesday Mar 0808:00pmOdeon Liverpool One


  • RichmondMonday Feb 0606:30pmODEON Richmond - Hill St
  • RichmondThursday Mar 0806:30pmODEON Richmond - Hill St
  • RichmondWednesday Mar 0806:30pmODEON Richmond - Hill St


  • NorwichMonday Feb 0606:30pmOdeon Norwich
  • NorwichTuesday Jun 2606:30pmOdeon Norwich
  • NorwichThursday Feb 1606:30pmOdeon Norwich
  • NorwichMonday Jun 0408:15pmOdeon Norwich

North Yorkshire

  • HarrogateTuesday Apr 2506:30pmODEON Harrogate


  • KetteringWednesday Mar 0806:45pmODEON Kettering


  • NewarkMonday Feb 0606:30pmOdeon Newark


  • OxfordSunday May 1408:00pmOdeon Oxford George St
  • OxonWednesday Sep 2007:30pmHenley Town Hall
  • Wantage Monday Feb 2006:30pmShush The Venue


  • AberfeldyThursday Feb 0906:30pmThe Birks Cinema
  • AberfeldySunday Mar 1204:00pmThe Birks Cinema


  • Bath Wednesday Mar 0805:30pmODEON Bath
  • ClevedonWednesday Jun 1407:30pmCurzon Cinema and Arts
  • TauntonSunday Feb 2603:00pmODEON Taunton
  • WellsWednesday Mar 0808:00pmWells Film Centre

South Yorkshire

  • Sheffield Thursday Apr 2708:00pmOdeon Sheffield
  • Sheffield Tuesday Dec 0506:00pmOdeon Sheffield
  • Sheffield Saturday Sep 1601:30pmOdeon Sheffield
  • Sheffield Thursday Jan 1906:20pmOdeon Sheffield
  • Sheffield Wednesday Mar 0806:45pmOdeon Sheffield


  • IpswichWednesday Jun 2806:00pmUniversity of Suffolk
  • IpswichTuesday May 0906:00pmUniversity of Suffolk
  • LowestoftSunday Jun 1807:30pmMarina Theatre, Lowestoft


  • Guildford Wednesday Feb 2206:30pmOdeon Guildford
  • KingstonSunday Feb 2603:00pmODEON Kingston

Tyne And Wear

  • GatesheadSaturday Feb 2503:00pmODEON Metrocentre

West Midlands

  • BirminghamTuesday Apr 2506:30pmODEON Birmingham Broadway Plaza
  • BirminghamWednesday Mar 0806:30pmODEON Birmingham Broadway Plaza
  • BirminghamTuesday Jan 1706:20pmODEON Birmingham Broadway Plaza

West Sussex

  • Burgess HillMonday Jun 2606:00pmOrion Cinema
  • WorthingTuesday Apr 1106:30pmDome Cinema Worthing
  • WorthingThursday Mar 0206:45pmDome Cinema Worthing

West Yorkshire

  • BradfordThursday Jan 1906:30pmOdeon Leeds Bradford
  • EllandFriday Mar 1005:00pmRex Elland Cinema
  • HuddersfieldTuesday Mar 0708:00pmODEON Huddersfield


  • TrowbridgeWednesday Mar 0106:45pmODEON Trowbridge
  • TrowbridgeThursday Apr 2706:30pmODEON Trowbridge


  • Worcester Monday Feb 2706:45pmOdeon Worcester
  • Worcester Saturday Mar 0403:00pmOdeon Worcester
  • Worcester Saturday Jan 2103:00pmOdeon Worcester
  • Worcester Monday Jun 2606:45pmOdeon Worcester


  • YorkWednesday Mar 0806:45pmReel Cinemas - York